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Portable Ultrasound

    There are large selections of portable ultrasound products to meet your needs, whether for use in the field or at your office. Each model offers an unique feature, from high performance to color Doppler, to handheld palm and to low cost. These high quality products are more functional and perform better than other major products, and are being offered at very competitive prices. For instance, the CU40VET model is a popular portable B/W scanner that is more functional and lower priced than competing model of SonoScape A6 at lower price, while C5VET is a color Doppler scanner that provides superior images. For more information, please click on the product images. We look forward to hearing your comments or questions.

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Umagic VET



Mino VET

Wireless Color Doppler


Umagic VET

Flat Panel


Portable High Performance


Portable Color Doppler


Handheld Palm


Low Cost Portable


Low Cost

  • Not a FDA-cleared product for human clinic use

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