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Mobile Solutions to Radiography

    Medical applications includes portable radiography, dentistry, osteoporosis, orthopedics, pediatrics, nursing home, sport medicine, trauma/first responder, emergence room, walk-in clinics, military, and mobile health,  and other field applications. PortableX is not a FDA approved product for humans and not eligible for sales to medical clinics in the U.S.

PortableX & Ashley.jpg

Key Features

  • Portable & Hand-carry

  • Multiple-purpose

    • Radiography​

    • Fluoroscopy

    • Densitometry

  • High Resolution

  • Low Dosage

Mars 1417V.jpg

X-ray Generator

  • Portable & Light Weight

  • Built-in Battery & AC Input

  • Max Power Output: 5.3 KW

  • Tube Voltage: 40 - 125 kVp

Flat Panel Detector (FPD)

  • Panel Size: 14"X17" or 10"X13"

  • Wireless

  • Built-in Battery

  • radiography)

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