Medical applications includes portable radiography, dentistry, osteoporosis, orthopedics, pediatrics, nursing home, sport medicine, trauma/first responder, emergence room, walk-in clinics, military, and mobile health,  and other field applications. PortableX is not a FDA approved product for humans and not eligible for sales to medical clinics in the U.S.

Extremity Imaging

   Capable of imaging shoulder to

   fingertip, & below the hip to toes


   Still, dynamic, & dual-energy   

   images (for densitometry)

Lightweight & Ruggedized

   Self-contained and portable for

   small clinics, offices and field

Low Dose

   A small fraction of traditional

   chest X-rays dose

High Resolution

   Exceptional image ideal for “Point-    of-Care” & veterinary solutions

Easy Set up & Use

   USB connection to computer,

   simple work flow, DICOM format

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