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PortableX & Dog

PortableX & Dog

PortableX & Cat

PortableX & Cat



Portable Radiography

     PortableX is an innovative portable radiography device well-suited for small anatomy, small animal, mobile clinics and point-of-care radiography. Small animal imaging in veterinary medicine has been a major challenge for traditional digital radiography as veterinary patients are typically smaller than human patients. Our radiography device offers unparalleled benefits of portability, affordability, high resolution imaging and low radiation dose.

Key Features

Medical Design

   FDA compliance components

   and medical grade design


   Still, dynamic, & dual-energy   

   images (for background


Lightweight & Ruggedized

   Self-contained and portable

   well suited for small clinics,

   small offices and field

Low Dose

   A small fraction of traditional

   chest X-rays dose; Safe for  


High Resolution

   Exceptional image ideal for

   “Point-of-Care” imaging solutions    & veterinary applications

Easy Set up & Use

   USB connection to computer,

   simple work flow, DICOM format

Animal Images
Processed 11
Processed 12
Processed 10
Processed 9
Processed 8
Processed 6
Processed 7
Processed 5
Processed 3
Processed 2
Processed 1
Processed 4
50 lb. Dog Leg
50 lb. Dog Abdomen
50 lb. Dog Paw
Cat Abdomen
Cat Abdomen
Cat Paw
Cat Tail
Horse leg (UW-Madison 10-18-16) -1
Horse leg (UW-Madison 10-18-16) -2
Horse leg (UW-Madison 10-18-16) -3
Horse leg (UW-Madison 10-18-16) -4

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  • Not a FDA-cleared product for human clinic use

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