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Magellan delivered first product to Beijing Jishuitan Hospital (北京积水潭医院).

Apr. 18, 2018

    Magellan delivered first portable radiography device to Beijing Jishuitan Hospital to participate state-funded national research program. Beijing Jishuitan Hopital (北京积水潭医院) is a Peking University affiliated hospital and is #1 ranked orthopedics hospital in China. 

Magellan presents at 2017 ACVR (American College of Veterinary Radiology) in Phoenix, AZ.

Oct. 20, 2017

   Magellan successfully exhibited at 2017 ACVR (American College of Veterinary Radiology) Annual Scientific Meeting in Phoenix, AZ on Oct. 18-21, 2017. We introduced our portable technologies and received much interest and purchase order.

ACVR photo (2)
ACVR photo (1)

Magellan announces a new high-quality/performance color Doppler ultrasound for the veterinary market.

August 4, 2017

   This new color Doppler ultrasound product offers high-quality and high-performance at very competitive prices.


Magellan introduces a new hematology product for the veterinary market.

July 14, 2017

   Magellan Medical Systems introduces a new and high performance auto-hematology analyzer to the veterinary market.

LW D3200VET 1
LW D3200VET 2

"PortableX" is a featured product by DVM360 magazine

Sept 16, 2016

   Magellan's "PortableX" radiography product is featured on the September 2016 issue of DVM360 magazine.

Magellan offers a full-line of portable ultrasound products for the veterinary market.

August 24, 2016

   Magellan Medical Systems now offers three models of portable, low cost and high performance ultrasound products to the veterinary market. P09VET is an unique and handheld palm scanner on market and CU40VET outperforms the popular model SonoScape A6V at lower cost.

Magellan Medical Systems of Irvine, CA announces its "PortableX" product entering the veterinary market.

June 10, 2016

   Magellan Medical Systems has unveiled a new portable radiography unit for the veterinary market. PortableX is a world's first of its kind, light and compact, self-contained X-ray imaging device suited for small clinics, small office, or field and Point-of-Care (POC) radiography. The unit offers portability and exceptional imaging quality at low radiation dose and an affordable price. It can function as single or dual-energy radiography and fluoroscopy.

PortableX - Vet

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