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Mobile Radiography

Mobile station is a compact and versatile digital radiography system.It is aimed to help you save space and improve work efficiency. It is easy to assemble, quick to bring up, and has minimal post-sales expenditures. Both the X-ray source and detector are portable and wireless. They can be mounted on a portable rack, making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Key Features

X-ray Source

  • Focal spot: 0.6 mm / 1.8 mmF

  • Input voltage : 220 V / 110 V AC

  • Power: 5.3 kW

  • mA range: 10 ~ 100 mA

  • kV range: 40 ~ 125 kV

  • Bluetooth

  • X-ray field: Max 43 ×43 cm2@100cm SID

Flat Panel Detector

  • Size: 17"X17" or 14"X17"

  • Pixel matrix: 3072 ×3072

  • Trigger Mode: AED

  • Data Interface: WiFi

  • Spatial Resolution: 3.6 lp/mm

Mars 1417V
Chest Radiography
Wireless Rad
tethered Rad

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