With the extended length and sleek design, Aohua multiple veterinary endoscopes are idea for both large and animals. Applications include Gastroscopy, Esophagoscopy, Tracheoscopy, Rhinoscopy, Pharyngoscopy, and Laryngoscopy.


We are an exclusive provider to CVS Group, the largest integrated veterinary services provider in the UK. Magellan is an authorized dealer of Aohua veterinary endoscopy.

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  • Small Animals (Canine, Feline)

  • Large Animals (Equine, Dolphins)

  • Advanced Imaging Processor

  • New Motus 3.0 Imaging Platform

  • HD Display

  • (HbE) Hemoglobin Enhancement

  • USB Function

  • Wall Powered or Battery Powered

  • Medical Grade Quality Quaranteed

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